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The Future is Here

Well, the mockups of the future are here.

We found a manufacturer for our Wicked Workwear line that will keep our products affordable. We haven’t received our samples yet but check out our mockups!

The Death Cap Fairy Ring Skirt:

The Death Cap Fairy Ring Tunic:

Samples will be coming in soon and if they look as good as the mockups we’ll be heading into production.

There Are Still Perks Available!

Our campaign isn’t scheduled to end until June 18, 2017 11:59pm PDT! It’s coming up fast but there’s still time left.

Here are the perks that are still available! Grab them while you can.

Price Title Included Items
$5 Our undying gratitude Thank You Message
$5 Beautiful Like Me Notebook 15% off coupon with no expiration & Beautiful Like Me Notebook
$15 Burton Ring
$25 Perky McPerkface
$25 Viking Rubber Ducky
$25 Punk Princess Tee – Discounted
$50 Valkyrie T-Shirt
$60 3 tees for the cost of 2! Buy 2 T-Shirts Get 1 Free Coupon
$65 Custom T-Shirt
PYP Tee: $30
$100 Gift Certificate & Ducky Combo   
$100 Custom Painted Mini

Donate HERE!

Reasonably Armored Woman Fighter? YES HAVE SOME!

There are only 7 DAYS LEFT for our Indiegogo Campaign but we still have a few more perks to offer before we’re done!

Today we added this amazing donation from Still Life Miniatures. They have offered to custom paint a reasonably armored female fighter miniature for the person who claims this perk. We already found a perfect Valkyrie-esqu mini; Dark Sword’s Female Warrior with Sword and Shield:

Donate today and get this fantastic mini painted to look like YOUR D&D character.

Learn more about Still Life Miniatures here:


We’ve got 11 days left in our Indiegogo Campaign and we’re going to try something a little different.

Between now and the end of the campaign we’ll be tracking referrals. If your referrals donate $50 we’ll give you a $25 gift certificate. If they donate $100, you get $50 – etc.

Share this link any way you can:

Good luck!

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