#RealSizeMatters Crew Neck


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Sizing note: Available in sizes small to 5X. (Available in v-neck in sizes small to 3X.)



This unisex crew neck t-shirt from Gildan was designed for the Jammer Wear Facebook Group.

The front of the shirt has our hashtag #realsizematters in reference to the crazy size label discrepancies between manufacturers.

The back has the logo for our manufacturing team, Ninja Designz. Because ninjas are cool. We like ninjas.

Comes in black, gray & white.

Fabric Content: 100% Cotton Jersey

Available in sizes Small to 5X. To pick your size measure the chest width of your favorite t-shirt. Then match it up to the chart below. (Available in v-neck in sizes small to 3X.)

Size Chart:

Labelled SizeWidth*LengthSleeve**

* Width of chest when shirt is lying flat.
* Sleeves are measured from the center of the back.

Stock Status: Made to Order

Ships From: Manufacturer
This item is made after your order is received and shipped to you by the manufacturer.

Estimated Delivery Time
Made to order items shipping to the US will arrive in approx. 3 – 4 weeks. International shipments may take 6 weeks or longer due to customs.

Copied and pasted from the post that went viral:
Jammer Post Original PicI’m extremely irritated and let me tell you why. I took these pics to prove a point. I’m 6’1″ 150 lbs, I’m not a huge guy. I wear a medium shirt. So when I go shopping with my wife and see her get aggravated, I now understand why. This is her shirt. It’s an XL. Do I look extra large to any of you? NO, either is she, so why do these companies continue to shame women and their weight. She wears my shirts on occasion, a medium. So why is this necessary? And we wonder why so many young women have eating disorders. So then we go looking for swim suits. What a joke. It’s like if you have a few extra pounds and maybe more, these companies are purposely shaming women. The most God awful designs and patterns. My wife maybe a little thick but her curves are just gorgeous. So why create a swim suit that makes you look and feel like something you’re not. I may need to get into the fashion industry. And start designing clothes for those ladies. With actual real sizes!

Jammer Wear Cause Mission Statement:

Our goals are to shed light on a huge problem. Unrealistic clothing sizes and to stop body shaming! This is an issue that effects everyone across the world. Men, women, children, old and young, big and small. It truly effects everyone. And body shaming has to come to an end. We have adults that are still carrying many issues with them still to this day. And that’s my fear for our youth. Our youth and everyone shouldn’t be bullied because of their size or looks. We have no idea about ones personal struggles. And continuing to tear someone down because of it isn’t right and it obviously isn’t helping anyone! We have youth killing themselves and suffering from depression because of bullies and trying to conform to today’s unrealistic standards in the fashion industry. We will continue to uplift and support anyone who needs it. I’m a firm believer that when someone that is truly happy with themselves. The world is an unstoppable force for them. And that’s one of our biggest goals. It’s time for real changes in the way we treat each other and definitely in the fashion industry. We will continue to fight against these designers and fashion companies until we have a realistic standardized measuring system across the world.

Also remember, big or small we love you all