Samples are in and we have winners and losers to announce!

We got lots of thumbs up on the bag and I really dig it. Straps are a little short for MY taste but I am looking into making them a bit longer with extenders from Etsy. This has already been requested in black or dark red/burgundy in addition to the brown.

I love this one. It’s thinner than our standard long sleeve and definitly runs tall. I got myself a 5XL and the sleeves were super long. It tapers a bit towards the waist but not so much as I was uncomfortable.
And did I mentioned it’s 100% cotton?
This fit better than expected. It will definitly fit bodies where your chest is bigger than your belly. BUT it’s a decent imitation of silk and I wore it comfortably all day Friday. It absolutely breaths better than a lot of polyester.
The bad news is that the feather graphic was not high contrast enough and I basically received a black top. Back to the drawing board there,

I love everything about this one. It’s a polyester spandex blend but not the shiny clingy kind. The textured fabric (pique) breaths!

I had high hopes for this one because it goes to 8XL. Unfortunately the fabric is a much tighter weave and resembles the shiny. clingy stuff.

However, I wore mine comfortable all day despite having ordered a size smaller than I should have. I may get a second sample in a larger size to see if it makes a difference.

This one is sooo close. SOOOOO CLOSE. It printed really well so this design will be on SOMETHING.

Unfortunately the shirt tapers making it feel like its a size smaller at the bottom. Plus buttoning it behind that placard is a pain in the neck. 

I’m going to keep looking for a long sleeve button up. If I can’t find one I like I may offer this since it is comfy BUT I will label it as not for pear shaped bodies.

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