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Halloween Movie Recommendation: Beetlejuice

Scariness Level: 1

Legend for Scary level
0 – Family Friendly (parental guidance suggested)
1 – A thriller, with a tense moment or two
2 – You’re going to lock the doors but sleep ok
3 – You might need a nightlight
4 – You definitely need a nightlight
5 – Sleep is for the weak. Time to clean the bathroom.

Watch the trailer here:

Learn more at IMDB:

New Low Prices for Exclusive T-shirts!

We analyzed our pricing the other night and realized the costs offered by our current manufacturing partner would let us pass the savings to our customers!

Item Orig Price New Price
Short Sleeve Tee – 1 sided $30 $24
Short Sleeve Tee – 2 sided $35 $32
Long Sleeve Tee – 1 sided $35 $31
Long Sleeve Tee – 2 sided $40 $39
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